Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I hate that there is a day to honor something I'm not and want to be so badly!  I had a headache all day because I was fighting back the tears all day.  I had a few melt downs and got really sad.  I just kept thinking that I should be enjoying this day.  I should be a month a way from my due date.  I should be anticipating my baby's arrival.  Instead I'm dreading this holiday AGAIN.  It was tough.   

I can't end this post on a negative note.  I had my loving husband next to me holding me while I cried and I know he'll continually be there for me.  We're in this together and that is comforting.

How did you survive Mother's Day?


  1. Thank God for wonderful husbands. Mine held me and let me cry (and cried with me!) a lot yesterday.

    (((hugs))) I hope this is our last childless Mother's Day.

  2. I know - it was hard, huh? And yes, thank goodness for husbands. I decided to take a different perspective on it yesterday - you may enjoy this:


  3. I think the only thing that got me through it was the fact I am working on another IVF right now. But thinking of the miscarriage and the baby that should be here, was TOUGH. But tears were there, and somehow I made it through. Thank goodness for our loving husbands too.

  4. Sorry you had a hard day. It was a little easy for me because I had to work 12 hours and only got asked once if I am a mom.

  5. I know the feeling all to well too! As if mother's da isn't bad enough, we have father's day next to look forward too.



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